Frequently Asked Questions:

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Q- My display goes blank or looks blurry, what can I do to resolve the issue?

Q- How long should I charge my device once I receive it?

Q- Can I use a different charger or battery with my device?

Q- My device randomly powers off, what can I do to resolve the issue?

Q- Can I change my phone model, if my original phone is damaged beyond repair?

Q- How do I transfer my contact list to another phone?

Q- How do I save downloads (ringtones, pictures, etc.) before returning my phone to Asurion?

Q- Should I return all of my accessories with the phone (charger, car charger, base, cards, belt clip)?

Q- How long do I have to report any damaged or missing items in my package?

Q- Why do I need to call from another phone and not the replacement phone?

Q- How do I find out if my defective phone has been returned to Asurion?

Q- What should I do if my replacement phone from Asurion doesn’t work?

Q- What should I do if I didn’t receive all of the contents I expected in my shipment from Asurion?

Q- What is a SureResponse Device?

Q- Who can I call to set up my SureResponse Device?

Q- How do I find my phone number for my SureResponse device?